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Depth-of-Focus in Thick Samples

Depth-of-Focus in Thick Samples - Java Tutorial

This tutorial explores how focus can be varied on thick samples to selectively bring different focal planes into view.

The tutorial simulates a differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope viewing samples either with or without a retardation plate. The retardation plate can be inserted by using the radio buttons at the bottom right of the microscope port. To operate the tutorial, use the pull-down menu bar to select a sample, and then adjust the slider to bring various parts of the specimen into focus.

Contributing Authors

Mortimer Abramowitz - Olympus America, Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive., Melville, New York, 11747.

Kirill I. Tchourioukanov and Michael W. Davidson - National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.

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