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Film Exposure Calculation in Photomicrography

Use a known film exposure time measured from brackets under standardized conditions of magnification and numerical aperture to determine exposure for a new objective of different magnification and numerical aperture with this interactive Flash tutorial. Instructions for operation of the tutorial appear below the program window.

Film exposure varies directly as the square of the magnification and inversely as the square of the numerical aperture. If the optimal exposure time for a particular set of conditions is termed the Standard Time, then a new exposure time can be calculated with the tutorial above.

To operate the tutorial, select a measured exposure time between 0.05 seconds and 8 minutes using the Standard Time arrow buttons. Next, select the correct objective magnification and numerical aperture that produced the measured exposure time using the Standard Magnification and Standard Numerical Aperture menus. After selecting the standard conditions, use the New Numerical Aperture and New Magnification menus to select these new values. When the new values are input, the Calculated Exposure Time boxes will automatically present the calculated exposure time.

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