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Order Number: 1493200
12V/100W Halogen Bulb. For standard 100W IX/BX lamphouses
Order Number: 3560900
12V/100W Halogen Bulb. For LG-PS2 stereo reflected-light lamphouse.
Order Number: 54251
12V/100W Low Voltage Halogen Bulb. For standard 100W IX/BX lamphouses. Manufactured by Osram.
Order Number: N1221200
12V/22W Halogen Bulb. For SZ2-LGB stereo lamphouse.
Order Number: 1000932
6V/15W Halogen Bulb. For LSGA stereo lamphouse.
Order Number: 1000532
6V/20W Halogen Bulb. For CX22/21 microscopes. Rated: 100hr. Manufactured by Ushio.
Order Number: 54606
6V/30W Tungsten Halogen Bulb. For U-LS30-5 lamp house and SZX2-ILLK, SZX2-ILLB and SZX2-ILLD bases. Manufactured by Osram.

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