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Olympus Fluorescence Digital Image Gallery

Incident light fluorescence microscopy is growing rapidly in importance as an investigational tool in the fields of medical and biological research. All photomicrographs in this gallery were taken with Olympus microscopes operating in widefield mode and employing UIS optics and a PM-30 automatic camera system.

  • Title3T3 Fibroblasts
  • TitleMyosin in A549 Cells
  • TitleHuman Salivary Gland
  • TitleMetaphase
  • TitleHIV Lympocytes
  • TitleMaple Leaf Petiole
  • TitleCellular Cytoskeleton
  • TitlePtK2 Cell
  • TitlePollen Grain
  • TitleDNA Fluorescence
  • TitleDiagnosis of Malaria
  • TitleA549 Cellular Mitosis

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