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Inhibitory designer receptors aggravate memory loss in a mouse model of down syndrome
  • 神経科学
2019年10月31日Neurobiology of Disease

Eric D. Hamlett, Aurélie Ledreux, Anah Gilmore, Elena M. Vazey, Gary Aston-Jones, Heather A. Boger, Daniel Paredes, Ann-Charlotte E. Granholm

LBX2-AS1/miR-219a-2-3p/FUS/LBX2 positive feedback loop contributes to the proliferation of gastric cancer
  • がん・免疫
2019年10月31日Gastric Cancer

Zhen Yang, Xinhua Dong, Minglong Pu, Hongwei Yang, Weilong Chang, Feihong Ji, Tao Liu, Chongqing Wei, Xiefu Zhang, Xinguang Qiu

Structural analysis and cellular visualization of APP RNA G-quadruplex
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年10月29日Chemical Science

Kaixin Lyu, Shuo-Bin Chen, Chun-Yin Chan, Jia-Heng Tan and Chun Kit Kwok

Isolation and Characterization of Neural Stem Cells from the Rat Inferior Colliculus
  • 発生生物学
  • 神経科学
2019年10月29日Stem Cells International

Johannes Völker, Jonas Engert, Christine Völker, Linda Bieniussa, Philipp Schendzielorz, Rudolf Hagen, and Kristen Rak

A metabolomics footprint approach to understanding the benefits of synbiotics in functional foods and dietary therapeutics for health, communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • 環境科学
2019年10月28日Food Research International

Abhishek Cukkemane, Prashant Kumar, Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy

3D-tips: user-friendly mesh barrier pipette tips for 3D-spheroid culture
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年10月28日Journal of Biological Engineering

Mo Chen, Marie-Laure Vial, & James A. St. John

Assembly Mechanism of Highly Crystalline Selenium-Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanorods via Particle Attachment and Their Effect on the Fate of Stem Cells
  • 分子生物学・生化学
2019年10月28日ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

Yan LiYan Li, Yan Li, Hang Hao, Zhengyu Zhong, Mengdie Li, Jiaqi Li, Yingying Du, Xiaodan Wu, Jianglin Wang, Shengmin Zhang

Supramolecular Assembly of Amino Acid Based Cationic Polymer for Efficient Gene Transfection Efficiency in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • がん・免疫
2019年10月25日ACS Applied Bio Materials

Rima Saha, Sagar Bhayye, Shuvam Ghosh, Achintya Saha, and Kishor Sarkar

Development of pickering emulsified polymeric gel system for conformance control in high temperature reservoirs
  • マテリテリアルサイエンス
2019年10月25日Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering

Tinku Saikia, Abdullah Sultan, Assad A. Barri, Nur Iman Khamidy, Abdulmalek A.S hamsan, Ayman Almohsin, Mohammed Bataweel

The Interactome analysis of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus protein M2-1 suggests a new role in viral mRNA metabolism post-transcription
  • ウイルス・微生物
2019年10月24日Scientific Reports

Camille Bouillier, Gina Cosentino, Thibaut Léger, Vincent Rincheval, Charles-Adrien Richard, Aurore Desquesnes, Delphine Sitterlin, Sabine Blouquit-Laye, Jean-Francois Eléouët, Elyanne Gault & Marie-Anne Rameix-Welti