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Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope


  • Available with either galvanometer-only (FV3000) or hybrid galvanometer/resonant (FV3000RS) scanner configurations
  • New highly efficient and accurate TruSpectral detection on all channels
  • Optimized for live cell imaging with high sensitivity and low phototoxicity
일체형 컨포컬 레이저 스캐닝 현미경


  • 자체 포함, 독립 및 모바일
  • 완전 자동 컨포컬 현미경
  • 고해상도, 고정 조직 이미징
Special Multiphoton System


  • High-speed imaging with resonant scanner
  • Extended IR multiphoton excitation up 1300nm
  • Triple scanner option for multiphoton and visible light laser stimulation
  • High sensitivity with 1600 Coating in 25XMPE objectives and scanning unit
  • 4-axis auto-alignment of IR laser beams
Live cell spinning disk imaging to 120nm resolution


  • Supports CSU-W1 and 120 nm SD-OSR imaging modes for flexibility
  • Works with any  existing fluorescence protocol
  • Versatile and intuitive live cell imaging system

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