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Inverted Microscope for Assisted Reproduction


  • Optimized for a smoother ICSI workflow in assisted reproductive technology (IVF)
  • Easy oocyte condition checks through spindle visualization
  • Streamlined ICSI steps through motorized operation
ICSI/IMSI Platform


  • Single button touch control for the ICSI / polarization / IMSI workflow 
  • Useful motorized condenser for sperm selection and spindle observation of oocytes with optimum contrast
  • Accurate thermal control
Bioluminescence Imaging System


  • Completely new optical design for greater sensitivity
  • Unrivalled resolution in luminescence microscopy
  • Wide range of magnification
Research Slide Scanner


  • Outstanding image quality for quantification
  • ​Flexible for many applications
  • Achieve more in less time
  • Simplified and powerful workflow
High-Content Screening Station for Life Science


  • Fast and precise image acquisition and analysis
  • Hyper-precise real-time experiment control
  • Analysis module
Light Sheet Microscope


  • Multidirectional light sheet with real-time focus sweeping for rapid, artifact-free 3D imaging
  • Compatible with a large selection of high-quality Olympus optics
  • Flexible imaging design adapts to any experimental need
  • Accessories support a variety of specimens and are resistant to organic solvents or aqueous buffers
  • User-friendly OtSPIM software and workstation enables seamless 3D image acquisition at maximum speed

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