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Câmera CCD duplo colorido e monocromático


  • 12.5 megapixel color image and 1.4 megapixel monochrome CCD
  • Fast motorized switch between color and monochrome sensors
  • Pixel precise overlay of color and monochrome images
Câmera colorida e monocromática


  • Deliver high quality color images of live specimens at full 60fps
  • New Position Navigator function enable us to know the location of interest easily even high magnification observation
  • Cooled CMOS sensor enables sharp florescence images with low noise
Câmera colorida


  • 5 megapixel color CCD
  • High quality color and fidelity with high pixel resolution for documentation
  • Optimized contrast and color modes for brightfield observations
Câmera colorida


  • 2.8-megapixel color CCD
  • Fast high-quality imaging for conferences and teaching
  • Fast USB3.0 connection
Câmera digital do microscópio


  • Câmera CCD de 9 megapixels
  • Uma Câmera para várias aplicações
  • Até 4 K de captura de imagem UHD
Câmera colorida


  • 18-megapixel color CMOS sensor to document fine details
  • Vivid, low-noise images for insightful observations
  • Fast 4K UHD live image
Câmera colorida


  • Affordable high performance
  • Smartly sensitive
  • Effortlessly colorful
Câmera colorida


  • Powerful 3.1 megapixel CMOS color camera
  • Excellent color fidelity and high frame rates
  • Effective for standard bright field applications and digital documentation purposes 
Câmera colorida e monocromática


  • 1.4 megapixel color and monochrome cooled CCD
  • Low noise and high sensitivity, in color and monochrome
  • Enhanced sensitivity in the IR range




Câmera colorida CMOS de alta definição

CMOS Cameras

  • Superb color reproduction
  • Extremely fast frame rates
  • Streaming direct to monitor

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