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Microscope digital camera

Digital Imaging in Microscopy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Brightfield observation of Zebrafish

Optimize Observation and Contrast Methods with One Stereo Microscope Base

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Stereo microscope observation methods

Stereo Microscope Primer: Transmitted Light Observation Methods

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Reflectance confocal imaging of fibrillar biomolecular complexes

A Smart Strategy for Reflectance Confocal Imaging

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Students wearing lab coats learning in a microscopy classroom with several upright microscopes equipped with digital cameras. The professor is holding a tablet with a magnified image of a sample on the screen.

6 Features to Look for When Buying Educational Microscopes

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Anatomy of a microscope objective lens

The Anatomy of an Objective Lens

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Sample images taken with an Olympus confocal microscope

NIR Lasers Power Advanced Multiplexed Confocal Imaging

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Montage of photos from Intercontinental Alliance between Cancer Research Centers

Collaboration across Borders: Medical Centers Join Forces to Advance Cancer Research

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Deep imaging of a live mouse visual cortex using multiphoton microscopy

How to Improve Deep Imaging in Multiphoton Microscopy

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Cleared Zebrafish larvae head vascular and neural staining captured with an Alpha3 light sheet fluorescence microscope

At the Speed of Life—Light Sheet Microscopy Advances for Biological Imaging

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November 2019 favorite images

November 2019’s Top Microscopy Images

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Colon stained with Masson's Trichrome captured by the SLIDEVIEW VS200 slide scanner

5 Ways the VS200 Slide Scanner Can Benefit Your Research

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2018 Image of the Year Award Spotlight: 2nd Prize Winner Crystal Contrast

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Bacteria living in a plant's roots

Our Top Five Microscope Images for October 2019

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mouth brushes of a mosquito larva

2018 Image of the Year Award Spotlight: 3rd Prize Winner Johann Swanepoel

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Image of the Year Award

Enter to Win Olympus’ First Global Image of the Year Award

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Original Olympus Tokyo logo

A Century of Creation—The Story of Our Life Science Imaging Systems

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Olympus objectives

6 Tips to Properly Clean Immersion Oil off Your Objectives

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Color wavelength and the human eye

How to Acquire Microscopy Images that Mimic Human Eye Color Perception

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X Line Objectives

3 Advantages of Using X Line Objectives

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