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Live Cell Imaging

Microscope System Solution

The new modular IX83 automated inverted microscope is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging designed with the scientist's workflow in mind. Available as a one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or as a two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from long term time-lapse imaging and other demanding cutting edge techniques to casual documentation.

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Microscope Frames


  • Unique deck system
  • Fully-motorized system
  • System solutions
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  • Unique deck system
  • Semi-motorized system
  • System solutions
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Viva View FL Incubator Microscope

  • Compact design
  • High-contrast live cell imaging
  • High Performance optics
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  • Easy-to-use live cell laser confocal imaging
  • Yokogawa spinning disk technology with low phototoxicity / photobleaching
  • High throughput with multi-well plate capacity
  • High precision temperature control
  • No darkroom required
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EM-CCD Cameras

  • CCD technology for detecting ultra-low light
  • Dedicated, ultrasensitive scientific camera platform
  • Quantifiable and reproducible imaging
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sCMOS Cameras

  • Extremely fast readout for high speed
  • For high resolution applications
  • A cost-effective way to image live cells
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  • 1.4 Megapixel monochorome cooled CCD
  • Low noise and high sensitivity
  • Fast Live image speed
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  • 12.5 megapixel color CCD and 1.4 megapixel monochrome CCD
  • Fast motorized switch between color and monochrome sensors
  • Pixel precise overlay of color and monochrome images
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  • Modular Imaging software platform
  • Intuitive application driven user interface
  • Broad feature set ranging from simple snapshot to advanced multi-dimensional real-time experiments
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  • Perfect control of all environmental conditions
  • First complete thought-out workflow-oriented incubation solution
  • Open access
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cellTIRF-1Line system

  • Cell surface imaging with high Z-resolution
  • Minimal background noise
  • Wide choice of excitation wavelength
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cellTIRF-4Line system

  • True multi-color TIRFM
  • Software adjustment of penetration depths
  • Ease of use
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  • Spatial and Temporal Precision
  • Perfect Reproducibility
  • Flexibility
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