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새로운 모듈식 IX83 자동 도립 현미경은 과학자의 작업 흐름을 고려하여 라이브 셀 이미징을 위해 디자인된 확장성이 좋은 플랫폼입니다.인체 공학적 낮은 스테이지 높이의 1덱 시스템 혹은 추가 확장 기능이 있는 2덱 시스템을 사용할 수 있습니다.이로써 장기간 저속 촬영(Time-lapse) 및 어려운 최첨단 기술과 자유로운 문서화와 같은 다양한 이미징 기술을 수행할 수 있습니다.

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IXplore Live

  • Utilize the Olympus real time controller for physiologically relevant data with minimal cell disturbance
  • Maintain cell viability while imaging with various environmental control options
  • Maintain focus accurately and reliably in time-lapse experiments with the Olympus hardware autofocus (Z-drift compensation) system
  • Discover the real shape of your cells with Olympus silicone immersion optics
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IXplore TIRF

  • Excellent simultaneous multi-color TIRF for investigation of membrane dynamics and single molecule detection 
  • Exact colocalization of up to four markers thanks to individual penetration depth control
  • Take advantage of Olympus’ remarkable TIRF objective with the world's highest NA of 1.7* (*As of July 25, 2017. According to Olympus research)
  • Intuitive set-up of complex experiments with Graphical Experiment Manager (GEM)
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IXplore Spin

  • Rapid and high-resolution confocal imaging with a spinning disk system
  • 3D confocal time-lapse imaging of live cells with less phototoxicity and bleaching
  • Precise 3D imaging with improved light collection using silicone oil immersion objectives
  • Upgrade to the IXplore SpinSR super resolution system depending on your research progress and/or budget
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IXplore SpinSR

  • Super resolution down to 120nm XY resolution
  • Prolonged cell viability in confocal time-lapse imaging due to less phototoxicity and bleaching
  • Switch between wide-field, confocal and super-resolution observations in the IXplore SpinSR system in one step
  • Accurate 3D reconstruction with Olympus silicone oil immersion objectives
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  • 3D image recognition from whole structure to sub-cellular
  • Statistical analysis
  • Variety of default assays
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