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IXplore: Solutions-Based Microscopy

Whether working with fixed samples or imaging live cells, discovery is challenging. Each system in the IXplore series is tailored to fit a specific research application in order to help scientists more efficiently accomplish their goals. IXplore systems provide accurate, reproducible images, and data, and can be adapted as experimental needs evolve or become increasingly complex over time.


High-quality imaging


Automated imaging for accurate and efficient experiments


Precise live cell imaging


Excellent multicolor TIRF imaging


Confocal imaging of rapid cell dynamics


Confocal super resolution for all live cell samples

IXplore Standard

High-Quality Imaging

  • Repeatability and accuracy for standard imaging tasks
  • Benefit from the same optical capabilities found in high-end IXplore systems
  • Easily upgrade to encoded functionality to boost reproducibility of experiments
  • Obtain high-quality images, even with standard cell culture vessels, using dedicated objectives


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IXplore Pro

Automated Imaging for Accurate and Efficient Experiments

  • Automated multidimensional observation with easy experiment set up
  • Boost your statistics with multiwell plate screening
  • Acquire fluorescence panoramic images of large samples, such as brain slices
  • Increase resolution and create optical sections with deconvolution


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IXplore Live

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Precise Live Cell Imaging

  • Utilize the Olympus real-time controller for physiologically relevant data with minimal cell disturbance
  • Maintain cell viability while imaging with various environmental control options
  • Maintain focus accurately and reliably in time-lapse experiments with TruFocus
  • Discover the real structure of your cells with Olympus silicone oil immersion optics

*Movie: Synthetic ERK Activity Propagation by a Light-Switchable System

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IXplore TIRF

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Excellent Multicolor TIRF Imaging

  • Excellent simultaneous multicolor TIRF for investigation of membrane dynamics and single molecule detection 
  • Exact colocalization of up to four markers thanks to individual penetration depth control
  • Take advantage of Olympus’ remarkable TIRF objective with the world's highest NA of 1.7* 
  • Intuitive set-up of complex experiments with Graphical Experiment Manager (GEM)

*As of November 2018; according to Olympus research.
*Image: Courtesy of Dr. Michael W. Davidson, The Florida State University
*Movie: FoLu mEmerald LifeAct mCherry Zyxin. Courtesy of Dr. Michael W. Davidson, The Florida State University

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IXplore Spin

Confocal Imaging of Rapid Cell Dynamics

  • Rapid and high-resolution confocal imaging with a spinning disk system
  • 3D confocal time-lapse imaging of live cells with less phototoxicity and photobleaching
  • Precise 3D imaging with improved light collection using silicone oil immersion objectives
  • Upgrade to the IXplore SpinSR super resolution system

*Image: Cleared spheroid of HT-29 cells stained with DAPI (Nuclear)
*This product is not available in some areas

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IXplore SpinSR

Left: Confocal / Right: Super Resolution
Left: Confocal / Right: Super Resolution

Confocal Super Resolution for All Live Cell Samples

  • Super resolution down to 120nm XY resolution
  • Prolonged cell viability in confocal time-lapse imaging due to less phototoxicity and bleaching
  • Switch between widefield, confocal and super-resolution with one click
  • Accurate 3D reconstruction with Olympus silicone oil immersion objectives

*Image: Fluorescent staining of microtubules (red: Alexa 594) and actin (green: Alexa 488) in growth cone of NG108 cells. Image courtesy of: Dr.Kaoru Katoh , Biomedical Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Sciences and Technology (AIST)
*This product is not available in some areas

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