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Neuroscience Imaging

Microscope System Solution

The BX51WI is the ideal instrument for electrophysiological experiments, particularly when an excellent optical system for deep tissue imaging is required. The combination of a water-immersion objective lens with an exceptionally high NA and working distance along with IR-DIC enables unrivalled insights to be gained from specimens. IR-sensitive cameras for visualisation complete this powerful platform.

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  • High-speed imaging with resonant scanner
  • Extended IR multiphoton excitation up 1300nm
  • Triple scanner option for multiphoton and visible light laser stimulation
  • High sensitivity with 1600 Coating in 25XMPE objectives and scanning unit
  • 4-axis auto-alignment of IR laser beams
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  • Quick whole slide scanning
  • Highest resolution scanning
  • Data management and remote access with NISSQL
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  • Ideally suited to brain-slice and in-vivo electrophysiology
  • Water immersion optics designed for electrophysiological applications
  • Stability and reliability due to fixed stage concept
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  • Maximum fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation
  • Optimized high NA optics with minimal autoflourescence
  • Seamless observation (4x to 125x) with zoom up to 31 times
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  • 1.4 Megapixel monochrome cooled CCD
  • Low noise and high sensitivity
  • Enhanced sensitivity in the IR range
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  • 12.5 megapixel color image and 1.4 megapixel monochrome CCD
  • Fast motorized switch between color and monochrome sensors
  • Pixel precise overlay of color and monochrome images
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  • 1.4 megapixel color and monochrome cooled CCD
  • Low noise and high sensitivity, in color and monochrome
  • Enhanced sensitivity in the IR range
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sCMOS Cameras

  • Extremely fast readout for high speed
  • For high resolution applications
  • A cost-effective way to image live cells
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EM-CCD Cameras

  • CCD technology for detecting ultra-low light
  • Dedicated, ultrasensitive scientific camera platform
  • Quantifiable and reproducible imaging
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  • Modular Imaging software platform
  • Intuitive application driven user interface
  • Broad feature set ranging from simple snapshot to advanced multi-dimensional real-time experiments
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Objectives Series


  • Provides long working distance, water immersion objectives with excellent DIC and fluorescence.
  • Displays flat images from high transmission factors up to the near-infrared region of the spectrum.
  • Ideal for fluorescence imaging of brain tissue, as well as other tissue and specimens.
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  • Provides high NA, long working distance objectives with excellent DIC and fluorescence observation.
  • Displays flat images from high transmission factors up to the near-infrared region of the spectrum.
  • Allows the measurement of cell membrane electric potentialand designed to provide easy access to patch clamp electrodes.
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  • Optimized for multiphoton imaging.
  • Achieves high resolution 3D imaging through detection of fluorescence from the focal point of a big field of view.
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