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X Line High-Performance Objectives and the BX53 Upright Microscope

Flatness comparison

Uniform Quality from the Center to the Edge 

Improved flatness produces images with uniform high quality from the center all the way to the edge. The high numerical aperture (NA) enables the objectives to gather more light for brighter, higher resolution images. Pairing X Line objectives with a BX53 upright microscope greatly improves the overall quality of images.

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Efficient Image Stitching

Stitching enables you to produce images of whole tissue sections, but if the image flatness is poor, the stitched image can be blurry and present a "patchwork" artifact. X Line objectives provide uniformly flat images from the center to the edge, enabling you to acquire uniform high definition stitched images. You can also create a large stitched image using a fewer number of images than before, improving efficiency and saving you time.

Created using the multiple image alignment (MIA) feature

placholder image
Conventional (left) versus X Line objectives (right)

*Comparing the edge of image

FISH observation

Improved Images for Clinical Research Applications

Improved flatness, numerical aperture, and chromatic aberration combine to deliver clear, high-resolution images with excellent color reproduction. The objectives' superior chromatic aberration management delivers better color accuracy across the entire spectrum. The elimination of violet color aberration creates clear whites and vivid pinks, improving contrast and sharpness. Chromatic aberration correction in a wide wavelength range (400–1000 nm) enables you to acquire high resolution multicolor images during fluorescence observation, such as FISH.

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