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Customized Solutions for Tailored Discovery
Engineer Your Science

We know that your science is constantly evolving, and you need dynamic solutions to meet changing demands on your imaging systems. We can work with you to tailor our systems to help expand your research capabilities.
At Olympus, our dedicated engineering staff has worked with our sales teams and applications experts to understand your needs and expand the capabilities of our standard systems. The result is an array of advanced components and features that can customize your equipment, easily and cost effectively.
Talk to our team to learn if our custom solutions are right for you.

Additional two-channel near-infrared detectors

Additional Two-Channel Near-Infrared Detectors

  • Enhanced detection of far-red and near-infrared fluorophores
  • Up to 6 fluorescence channels
  • Take full advantage of the FV3000 enhanced long wavelength transmission efficiency

Near-IR Laser Autofocus

  • Suitable for live cell imaging with far-red and near-infrared fluorophores
  • Compatible with laser excitation from 400 nm to 785 nm
Near IR laser autofocus

In vivo riser system

Multiphoton Microscope Riser System

  • Increased clearance for in vivo studies
  • Can accommodate components for electrophysiology and near-infrared DIC imaging

Tilting Inner Focus Unit

  • Fast and vibration free in vivo multiphoton imaging
  • Allows flexible orientation
  • Suitable for FVMPE-RS® gantry frame or riser systems

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Tilting inner focus unit

Bioluminescence imaging

Bioluminescence Imaging
for Fluorescence Free Quantification in Live Cells

  • Zero background
  • Superior quantification compared to fluorescence
  • Customized solutions available for microplate compatibility